Monday, October 21, 2013

Kastorel Novem

This is the final of the the series on the different tables that will be featured at the Warzone tournament I am running at Flatland Games on Nov 2. More information on the tournament can be found here. I plan to put about 2 missions a week so all five tables should be previewed with plenty of time for players to prepare. Here are links to the first three.  Vraks Prime  Mymeara  Transgressions of Trust and Orpheus

For those of you that missed Imperial Armour 8 (like me) Kastorel Novem imperials raid Ork-controlled space to try and eliminate a particularly bright Mekboy. It doesn't end well -- after heavy losses, they are forced to withdraw, having failed to locate him.  Turns out this story is a bit different than the summary I found previously, so the terrain doesn't match the backstory exactly.  That being said I am going with it.  The battlezone is being bombarded and anti-plant barages have wiped out all but the most stubborn of forests.  (Note: The terrain below is from Flat Land Games, I intend to supplement with some living forests as well - replacing some of the craters)

As before, looking at the mission itself there isn't much to see.  The mission is Big Guns Never Tire from the rulebook.  For a heavy manufacturing world I figured this fit nicely.  The tiebreakers are the same as before (tiebreakers will be for all the missions).

Terrain is lots of area terrain but no blocking terrain so shooting armies should be relatively happy with this board.  I modified the mysterious terrain tables to reflect that those stands of trees still alive are some of the toughest out there.  That can either be really good for you, or really bad.

The other special rule is at the end of turn three you and your opponent both get to drop a pair of orbital bombardments.  They aren't the most accurate of things but hey free bombardments are free.

Unlike the Vraks board, this is a board where long range shooting will be at a premium.  Which is what I like about this tournament setup, unlike a normal tournament where you are at the mercy the host regarding terrain and you may play three games in a row which barely any LOS blocking terrain, everyone will play on board with lots of LOS blocking and minimal LOS blocking terrain.  Figuring out how to build side boards that handle the different environments will be key.

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