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This is the second of the the series on the different tables that will be featured at the Warzone tournament I am running at Flatland Games on Nov 2. More information on the tournament can be found here. I plan to put about 2 missions a week so all five tables should be previewed with plenty of time for players to prepare. Information on the first Warzone (Vraks Prime) can be found here.

Mymeara is a unique world in terms of game play. There will be almost no cover on the board. However before the shooting armies rejoice they will need to read the missions special rules which have the potential to greatly limit shooting. Note: the terrain show above is from my table at home at not from Flatland Games so it will probably differ in details but the idea will be the same.

For those of you that missed Imperial Armour 11, Mymeara is a minor imperial mining world that was attacked by a series of Eldar and Eldar Corsair forces.  The planetary defenses were reinforced by Space Wolves and some titans to beat back the attackers which they did.  However it was later learned that the entire attack was a ruse for the rescue of a fallen phoenix lord that had been uncovered by the miners.  The recent battles have drawn the attention of other forces which are now infiltrating the planet, it looks like a major battle could be in the making for this small world unless one side gains a clear advantage quickly.

Looking at the mission itself there isn't much to see.  The mission is kill points and the tiebreakers are the same as before (tiebreakers will be for all the missions).  The special rules are what make the mission interesting.  As a ice planet, the surface is subjected to frequent blind snow squalls.  As a result each turn there is a good chance that a snow storm will start or a slightly lower chance that it will end.  I thought of a lot of different ways to represent this but settled down on a fairly simple mechanic.  Nightfight.  Except I modified it so it can't be ignored.  On turns with a squall this will give armies a fairly decent cover save and block LOS to everything over 36 inches, but when the snow goes away, watch out because other than a couple scattered trees there won't be much cover.  Shooting armies will be even sadder should a squall and nightfight appear at the same time as the combination adds 18 inches when determining the effect of nightfight, however normal nightfight ignoring gear (searchlights, blacksun filters, etc) will prevent this.

Terrain wise there will be a couple of lone trees but don't except much.  There will however be some frozen lakes and river just to make movement a little more interesting.I especially like the lake and vehicle rules.  Most likely nothing happens to a rhino (~20% chance of failure) but a superheavy land raider trying to cross the lake has a 50%+ chance of the ice breaking.  Although I didn't have room if a chimera (or other amphibious) vehicles falls in I have some rules to help them out.  If the chimeras passengers choose not to emergency disembark, they become submerged (can't shoot or be shot at) and may move in dangerous terrain 6" per turn until clear of the lake.  If they are unable to clear it (or become immobilized on the bottom) they and any passengers count as destroyed at the end of the game.  Rivers are significantly less dangerous but still more so than normal as they use to old dangerous terrain rules (no save).  As I was randomally dropping  models on the table, I had a fun situation.  The guardians on the table are taunting the contemptor that can't enter the lake without a real risk of sinking.

Overall I think this mission will test how generals handle the uncontrollable and look forward to seeing it play out.

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