Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moving Forward

With the new marine codex out I tried playing a couple games ganging up my Eldar and Mantis Warriors.  I thought the idea of some scouting tactical squads would fit nicely.  The Stormtalon for air support and a thunderfire cannon to go with the Shadow Weavers all seemed to fit nicely.  I was a bit annoyed that the Mantis Warriors are descendents of White Scars and I have no bikes but at least they scouted if they had a rhino.  This was great until someone pointed out that they only scout if they have a rhino if Khan is in your list.  So a quick rework added Khan, however reading again Khan only works if he is your warlord and I didn't want to make White Scars my primary so that didn't work either.

Fortunately my good friends over at bartertown had a solution, I could trade some of extra eldar vehicle hulls that I picked up in a trade a few years ago for two squads of bikes.  These bikes have arrived.  Some repair work was done last night and they are awaiting a fresh coat of paint and mustard tonight.  I'm still not sure what to do with the list however.  Namely the allied HQ.  I think I have three main options.

Option 1: Khan-  The big bonus for him is he has furious charge so his squad of bikes have more punch.
However his power weapon is base S4, instant death on a 6 is ok but I have learned from wraithguard that that doesn't do much most of the time.

Option 2: Captain on bike with relic blade with auspex and artificer armor-  10 more points but 2+ save instead of 3+, S6 always but no instant death capability.  1 less attack than Khan, 1 hammer of wrath instead of D3.  Auspex to reduce cover saves.  Also potential to give 3++ save by giving a storm shield but he already has a 4++ and it would mean shaving 15 points elsewhere (probably spiders)

Option 3: Chaplain on bike with auspex- I have one painted up, makes a squad fearless and reroll on the charge, S6 but only AP4, 35 points cheaper than Khan, 45 points cheaper than the captain, this would allow turning the squad of spiders into two smaller squads.  Significantly worse stat line (-1WS, -1BS, -1W, -1A and -1 Init).  The WS and BS loses don't really matter.  He has the same attacks as the captain due to his bolt pistol.  The wound hurts but not the end of the world.  The big loss is the -1 Init.  I think White Scars will be able to take advantage of the combat ends if no one is engaged at an initiative step rule, but only if they have a higher initiative character in the squad.  It also doubles the chances of the squad failing their hit and run.

Other options: Chapter Master on Bike- great character but more points than I want to put into an allied detachment..  Librarian on bike- Don't have one but has some potential.

I don't think Khan is an option.  If he isn't your warlord you miss out on the two of the three main advantages he brings, scout and a somewhat useful warlord trait.  Furious charge is the only reason to take him but I am betting that math will tell me the chaplain is still better most of the time due to the extra hits.

For the record here is the rest of my list (by memory so might be off slightly)
White Scars:
HQ-Captain (see above)
Troops- 2 squads of 10 bikes with 2 grav guns and multimelta, veteran sergeant (one with powerfist, one with power sword and meltabombs)
Fast- Stormtalon with skyhammer
Heavy- Thunderfire Cannon

HQ- Farseer on bike
10 guardians with brightlance
6 bikes with 2 cannons
3 bikes with 1 cannon
Fast-8 Warp Spiders (or 2 squads of 5 if chaplain)
Heavy-Wraithlord naked
3 Shadow Weavers


  1. Do you have a Stormtalon painted up? Would love to see it.

  2. Pictures are towards of the bottom of the page. http://40kfightclub.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=25067&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

    But as a fee, you have to weigh in on the HQ debate.

  3. Haha, I don't really do allies yet so my favorite right now is the chapter master with shield eternal. He is such a BA and takes punishment like a boss.

    He can also take terminator armor or a bike and shoot the orby bombardment while moving ;) Killed Farsight that way.

  4. I think I like the Chaplain the most. In addition to the bonus Spiders, I think he provides good utility. Your bikes aren't going to be chainsaws in close combat any way you look at it, but the Chaplain helps the most overall I think.

  5. Yep, until it was pointed out that you need the captain on a bike to make the bikers a troops choice. So the chaplain is a no go and I really need to sit down and read the codex cover to cover and learn my own damn rules.

    1. Well, that does certainly settle that! I think Chapter Masters do it too now, but Mr. Chaplain is definitely out.

  6. Chapter Masters do it as well, as does Khan but no chappy.