Monday, October 14, 2013

Transgressions of Trust

This is the third of the the series on the different tables that will be featured at the Warzone tournament I am running at Flatland Games on Nov 2. More information on the tournament can be found here. I plan to put about 2 missions a week so all five tables should be previewed with plenty of time for players to prepare. Information on the first Warzone (Vraks Prime) can be found here and the second (Mymeara) here.

Transgression of Trust the one world that isn't based off an Imperial Armour book.  Is also the most deviant from "regular" 40k of all the worlds.  It uses the Zone Mortalis rules available from Forgeworld here.  Please take some time to review the ruleset prior to the event. 

Because I am a cheap,  I refuse to buy the Forgeworld Zone Mortalis board, however the game looked really cool.  So I decided to make my own.  The Lansing Chapter of the 40kfightclub helped support this project.  The first game played on it was an 8 person event at AFK Games back in June.

Before looking at the mission, I want to highlight a couple of the key rule differences between this and regular 40k and talk about how they will impact the event.

Altered Force org: No dedicated Transports, units over 15 models, flyers, non-walkers over 4 inches wide, monsters on bases larger than 60mm.  Your army may include these, but they may not be deployed.  And if you are dumb enough to take a wraithknight as your warlord, your opponent will be allowed to claim slay the warlord.  Other than that they will just be ignored (no abilities or tabletop effect).

No Indirect Barrage Weapons (except d-cannons)- This is fairly straightforward, You are fighting on a space ship.  D-cannons are the exception to this because although they are indirect, they don't actually send a shell anywhere, rather they just open a rift to the warp in the middle of the enemy.

Don't Scatter-  When deep striking if you scatter onto a wall, you roll on the mishapp table at -1 (which is bad).  Deep striking can be effective, but make sure you have those teleport homers or icons.

Improved templates-  Something about big explosions in little area seems bad.  Blast and template weapons gain Shred (reroll to wound).  Blast weapons explode when they touch a wall.  This makes it harder to miss, especially if you can trap the enemy into a little corner.

Don't run away-  Sweeping advance rolls may be rerolled by the winner in combat so getting wiped out is alot easier.  The odds of tau escaping from a Space Marine go from 1 in 6 to 1 in 21.  And if you run away, there is a chance nearby friendly units run too.

Oh yeah and one more minor rule-  Pass an initiative test and you can fire overwatch at full ballastic skill, not that anyone would want to do that.

There are also two special rooms (one per board)

Cold Void (Exploded room only):  All S4 weapons gain rending unless target has hardened armour or 2+ save.  If already rending, rend on 5+, blast weapons cause pinning.

Poisoned air (Chemical Room only): The chemical storage towers provide 5+ cover.  If cover save is allowed (regardless of if needed) for every save of a 6, make an armor penetration roll vs. armor 9.  On a glancing hit treat the room as a cold void room.  On a penetrating hit, resolve as if weapon was AP 1 with explosion hitting all models in the room.  The vats will only explode once.


Now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets look at the board and mission.  The board is based a series of 1 foot square tiles that can be rearranged, so the layout you see in these pictures will not be the layout you see on the 2nd.  Every tile has opening that are 4 inches wide, however when you combine tiles this can result in much smaller gaps.  For example in the picture to the right, the lower left corner has a short hallway and hidden corner is about 2 inches wide.  Some of the gaps are just over 1 inch.

The mission is a modified version of an old cityfight mission where you don't need to remain on an objective to claim it.  All you need to do is plant a flag and it is yours.  Unless of course an enemy comes along and replaces your flag with theirs!I had considered doing this based on rooms, however that raises the question of what is a room so I decided to do it based solely on the actual tiles.

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