Monday, October 7, 2013

Vraks Prime

 As promised here is the first of the the series on the different tables that will be featured at the tournament I am running at Flatland Games on Nov 2.  More information on the tournament can be found here.  I plan to put about 2 missions a week so all five tables should be previewed with plenty of time for players to prepare.

Vraks Prime is one of two boards where long range shooting is going to have problems because it will be terrain heavy.  Note: the terrain show above is from my table at home at not from Flatland Games so it will probably differ in details but the idea will be the same.

Most of the table will be ruins but there will hopefully be a couple of intact buildings as well.  The center of the board will be the main road running through town.  As you'll see below the mission will focus on securing this road for your forces.  However just because it is a road doesn't mean it will be clean.  Vraks has seen very heavy fighting in recent years and even the roads will be filled with craters, barricades and ruined vehicles.  Here is a shot looking down the road.

The next couple images are model eye POV shots.  The first is from the melta gunner that is hiding in the green ruin waiting for the wave serpent to pass by and the second is from the large fortress of Redemption tower section (behind the red building).

Finally here is the beta of the mission that we will be using on this table (link to cleaner pdf).  I reserve the right to change it but I imagine it will be fairly close to this in the end so if you have questions or concerns about anything, let me know.  A few design notes:

  • The tournament is being run on a W/L system instead of battle points.  Each mission has has three objectives, however once one objective is won, the rest are ignored.  The first objective will be the primary mission.  If this ends up a tie, the second will be linebreaker + slay the warlord.  If you achieve more of these than your opponent, you win.  If these are a draw as well, first blood will determine the winner.  Just to be clear, if you control 1 objective marker (in the Vraks Mission) and your opponent controls 2, it doesn't matter that you won linebreaker, slay and first blood, they win.
  • The mission has two special rules.  The first is that each ruin rolls on a slightly modified mysterious objective table and the second is designed to allow flyer to be a little more useful (although there is some risk involved if you want full effect.)  
  • Nightfight was left off this mission, because there is already a ton of 4+ cover and it will be featured on other boards.  Which brings up a good point, this table is fairly bad for shooting and vehicles, that doesn't mean the rest will be.  In fact the next board (Mymeara) to be featured (later this week) will be pretty much the opposite of this one, so building flexible lists will be key, even with the option of sideboarding out 250 points.


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