Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This is the fourth of the the series on the different tables that will be featured at the Warzone tournament I am running at Flatland Games on Nov 2. More information on the tournament can be found here. I plan to put about 2 missions a week so all five tables should be previewed with plenty of time for players to prepare. Here are links to the first three.  Vraks Prime  Mymeara  Transgressions of Trust

For those of you that missed Imperial Armour 12 (like me) Orpheus was an imperial world that also happened to be a Necron Tomb world.At some point the Necron woke up and bad things happened to the planet.  The purpose of the mission is to return to the planet to find and gain control of a mysterious relic.  Who knows it may be the key to stopping (or ensuring) the necron invasion beyond the planet.

Looking at the mission itself there isn't much to see.  The mission is Relic from the rulebook except it uses the archeotech mysterious objective table instead of the normal on. I've never used this table and this seems like the type of event where it should be used.  Is the relic your army is seeking something truely powerful or just a red herring.  Only way to find is to go claim it.  The tiebreakers are the same as before (tiebreakers will be for all the missions).  Go get that Relic, who knows it may give you a superpower.

I envision some pretty massive tectonic shifts occuring as a result of the necrons awakening.  As such the terrain will be hill heavy and use some of the cool Necron pieces that Flat Land Games has.  Unlike Mymera you should be able to get out of LOS fairly easily, however getting a cover save will be difficult.  Nightfight is more likely, however your searchlights/night vision work normally here. So bring your searchlights.  I'm not 100% happy with this terrain setup so of all the ones I am showing this is the mostly likely to change.  That being said it will be be a board that favors long range shooting (I want two shooting boards and two non-shooting boards).

The real kicker for this table are the ongoing earthquakes.  As the game goes on they become worse and worse.  They start by making the terrain just a little more difficult and by the end of a 7 turn game they have 2/3 of potentially forcing armor saves.  As with the terrain I am not 100% comfortable with the earthquake rules either as they have the potential to slow the game down.  To mitigate this I did the tests by unit and since the games are fairly small there shouldn't be too many units.  Dozer blades for your rhinos and tanks will also be a smart upgrade as tanks will autofail their initiative test if needed.

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