Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eldar Warlords Traits: 3

Wow, rolling a three for traits is bad.  None of the results are even ok.

Personal: Master of Manoeuvre (3):  Lets you outflanks something, ok great, not sure what I want to outflank but I will at least think about using it which sadly is better than alot of the other ones.

Command: Dust of a Dozen worlds(3): Units within 12 inches have move through cover.  Thanks.  Mobility tends not to a problem for eldar but extra is extra.  Also useful for tanks.

Iyanden: Driven by an Ancient Doom (3):  Warlord and unit have hatred.  Not bad for a mantle autarch since he has hit and run but generally won't get used more than once or twice a game at most.

Strategic: Master of Ambush (3):  Acute sense is nice when outflanks, unfortunately the eldar don't have a lot of outflanks, and ther best outflankers (hornets) already have acute sense.

Eldar: Falcon Swiftness (1): +1 inch when running for just his unit?  At least eldar do it a fair amount due to battle focus but generally not worth remembering since Eldar already have fleet.  This may be worthy of a two but given that it is default power on so many of the phoenix lords, my extra hatred for this can't give it anything higher.

 Ok that is done, now lets get to a roll that doesn't suck.

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