Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eldar warlord traits: 2

Part 2 of my examination of Eldar warlord traits.  Like a 1, rolling a two will result in a solid warlord trait unless you took Personal.

Iyanden: Beacon of Hope (8): 6+ feel no pain within 12 inches.  I know it doesn't seem like much and you never roll that 6 when you need to but reducing the wounds taken by 16% can't be ignored.  It isn't army wide like Iron Hands chapter tactics, but for a free warlord trait can't be ignored either.

Strategic: Night Attacker (8):  This one might be rated slightly too high depending on how your local area plays.  If you need to decide before you find out if you go first or second it decreases in value but I've found turn 1 night fight to be the difference between winning and losing a number of games, especially vs. dark eldar (who ignore it) and deamons (who are most vulnerable turn 1 before they fly off)

Eldar: Eye on Distant Events (6): Compare this to Beacon of Hope, both decrease wounds by 16% but this is for 1 turn and can be ignored by ignore cover weapons although not by double toughness weapons and has no effect in close combat.  Even if was all game long, I would still usually prefer the feel no pain.

Command: Intimidating presence (6):  Hurts enemy leadership for units within 12.  As shown in the first post small increases/decreases in leadership can make a real difference in game play.  Only problem is short range so only really useful for close combat equipped HQs, of which eldar tend not to have many.

Personal: Master of Offense (3):  Furious charge in the enemy deployment zone.  Furious charge is actually nice for the eldar as S3 vs. S4 is significant, but eldar aren't going to be confused with masters of the assault phase anytime soon.  I like it better than Master of Defense as it useful when I am being aggressive but overall just bad.

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