Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eldar warlord traits 4

All I can say about rolling a 4 is thank god it wasn't a three.  And if you were lucky enough to choose the Eldar table you got yourself a winner.

Eldar: Fate's Messenger (9):  Rerolling all saving throws of 1, I'll take it.  Especially since getting a 2+ save isn't that hard, but even the worst warlord out there in terms of save (spiritseer) effectively gains another wound.  Wraithknights gain 6 wounds on average (assuming armor saves are allowed)

Strategic: Strategic Genius (7): Rerolling reserves, solid.  However Eldar already have a fair amount of reserve manipulation with autarchs and scyer's gaze.  But more is never bad.

Iyanden: Lord of Sorrowful dead (4): An extra spirit mark.  Wraith specific and short range makes it only useful in certain build.  Would rate a three but in the right build it can be significant.

Command: Master of the Vanguard (4): See Falcon Swiftness.  At least this is army wide and more than 1 inch.

Personal: Legendary fighter (2): Find me a character that I want in a challenge and I'll rate it higher.

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