Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eldar warlord traits 5

Ahh, five, did you choose one of the Eldar tables, if so I bet you regret that choice now as all the default powers are better than either of the eldar ones.

Personal: Tenacity (8):  5+ feel no pain on the surface seems better than 6+ which also got an 8.  However it is only for the warlord and his unit so their is no bubble effect and if you are playing kill points there are no objectives to trigger this at all.

Strategic: Divide to Conquer (7): -1 to enemy reserve is excellent, if they have reserves

Command:  Target priority (6):  Need to clear of an enemy from an objective, here you go.  Unfortunately of little use if playing killing points or you are running away with the relic.  Also Eldar already have a lot of twinlinking

Iyanden: Purity of the flawless soul (4): +1 to deny witch is ok, but most people are using blessings regardless.  That said shrugging off hallucination can be a game-changer and if not on a psysker doubles your chances, combo with fortune and you are ignoring almost half the powers cast on you.  If you have a psysker it gets even better. 

Eldar: Mark of the incompable hunter (1):  How do you get worse than the Falcon's Swiftness, I didn't think you could until I rolled this power.  I'm not sure how it is intended to be used other than with a Aegis defense gun.

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