Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eldar Warlord traits 6

Do you remember when we were talking about rolling 1 and 2 and the powers were good?  I do unfortunately this isn't that.

Iyanden: The Undying Flame (7):  The best of the bunch.  Rerolling all saves is good, however the ability is lost as soon as the reroll is failed or you take a wound that doesn't allow a save, inlcuding perils

Personal: Immovable object (7): Warlord becomes scoring, not much bad to say here, except does nothing in Purge the alien.  However the idea of wraithknight picking up the objective is funny to me.

Strategic: Princeps of Deciet (5):  Some deployment misdirection is always fun just ask Eldrad in 5th edition.  But with 6th edition it got alot less useful as it is only useful if going first.

Eldar:  Seer of the shifting vector (2): Chaos Icon on your warlord.  Fine but Eldar don't use a lot of deep strikers.

Command: Coordinated assault (2): +1 inch with warlord charges can make a difference but not a huge one as we have the mobility that most charges should be likely to succeed regardless.

After Thanksgiving I'll do a final wrap up post, so get your comments in now.

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