Friday, November 22, 2013

Eldar Warlord traits: 1

This is the first in a series of blogs I plan to do looking at the different warlord traits available to the Eldar.  Rather than go through each set one at a time I figured I would look at the different die roll results on the five Eldar tables.  I will include Iyanden as well because I think their chart is good for non-wraith lists as well, however it does cost you conceal which may be needed in some builds. I'll be release one a day between today and Thanksgiving and giving a summary post shortly after the holiday, so if you have comments, please post them.

 I ranked each power using both cardinal and ordinal rankings.  I will present them in the order I ranked them compared to each other.  In parentheses after each power I will include the score I gave it on a scale of 1 to 10.  (1-3 is just plain bad, 4-6 is ok, usually situational or minor effect, 7-9 are good powers, 10 is a game changer (no 10's were given out).  Without further ado I present 1:

Eldar: Ambush of blades (9).  If I can ever remember to use it I think is one of the best warlord traits available.  Rerolling all wounds for everyone within 12", yes please.  Just have to make sure to sure use after the vehicles have been busted as it doesn't help with that.    It is also a default power on Karandas which is nice but relevant to the rankings.

Iyanden:  A Hero for Ages Past (8): Coming in second is another solid ability D3 rerolls.  Just miss with that wraithcannon, no worries reroll.  Fail a save, no worries, reroll.  You don't get alot but they aren't restricted so their value is high in my opinion.

Strategic:  Conqueror of Cities (6):  Stealth and move through cover in ruins for the entire army?  Most tables have some sort of ruins on the so this should be useful to someone.  20 guardians with with 3+ cover saves, not too shabby, 2+ if like me you used a techmarine to reinforce the ruin, good luck getting them off the objective with the Ignore Cover rule.

Command: Inspiring Presence (6):  Good old fashion leadership bubble.  Not useful on a spiritseer, but the difference between lead 10 and lead 8 is pretty significant.  Increasing from lead 8 to 10 reduces your failed leadership by over 2/3's.  Even increasing from 9 to reduces failed tests by half.

Personal: Master of Defense (3):  Counterattack in my deployment zone. Whatever.  At least it is army wide.

Overall rolling a one is one of the best things you can do, as long as you haven't haven't chosen personal, you should get something useful here.

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