Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eldar vs. Space Marines – Master of Barrage

Let me start with I don’t care about Imp Guard or ork barrage.  It may be good, it may not, I don’t really know other than I’ve never been impressed by it on the tabletop.  Whether this is because thye have better choices or they just aren’t that good I don’t know.  What I do know is that the barrage you are likely to see on the tabletop are Eldar Shadow Weavers or D-Cannons or Space Marine Thunderfire Cannons.  Fortunately all these units cost roughly the same 90 points for the 3 Shadow Weavers, 110 for 2 D-cannons and 100 points for the Thunderfire Cannon

Shadow Weavers  - 90 points
More shots than the d-cannons
Potential for AP1
Strength 7 vs. vehicles
12 wounds
Cheapest of the three
Decent range of 48 inches
Eldar so Guide is easily available
6 crew give decent overwatch shots when charged, especially if guided

Less shots than the Thunderfire Cannon
Take up a lot of space

Thunderfire Cannon – 100 points
4 shots
Variety of shot options
Longest range
2+ save on crew
Comes with Techmarine who can kill stuff and bolster terrain

Only 1 crew
Weakest strength of the three maxing out at S6

D-cannons – 110 points
Best Strength and AP by far
4 crew
Distort (just in case you come up vs. that armor 17 side vehicle, you still pen it on a 6)
Legal in Zone Mortalis

Only two shots unless you buy a third gun for 55 points
Shortest range at 24 inches

My take
The D-cannons just don’t do it for me, the short range is a killer.  Yes I know you setup 24 inches away but there are so many sit back and shoot armies that this fails on.  The shadow weavers and thunderfire cannons are both excellent and I am torn which is better.  This last weekend at the GT three weavers were my MVP, I repeatedly they were by far the most consistent thing in the army, especially vs. Tau (played 4) that were bunched up behind a fortification.  If I can ever get my hands on three more old metal ones I would run 6 in a heartbeat.  They do take up a lot of space however and that shouldn’t be disregarded.  The thunderfire cannon however can’t be ignored 4 shots is clearly better than three however being only S6 vs. vehicles hurts especially with skyrays and wave serpents being AV 12 on the side as you can’t pen it.  Bolstering terrain is nice but one bad save and the unit dies which the weavers don’t have to worry about.  I think both are great units for their armies but which is better I don’t know and would be curious to hear others thoughts.  Fortunately I don’t have to choose quickly as I plan to ally Space Marines with my eldar and have both units.

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