Monday, August 12, 2013

Update on the Eldar

Eldar have been out for a couple months now and over the weekend I went to my first tournament with them.  My list consisted of a farseer, spiritseer, 2 units of wraithguard in serpents, 2 units of jetbikes, some spiders, wraithknight and some artillery.  Nothing too surprising here and I definitely haven't figured out the codex yet.  For my thoughts on individual units see my Tally post which I have been keeping up to date.  Instead of rehashing past games here are a few things I want to try in my next few games.

Wraithknights with starcannons:  On paper I'm not a fan of the 60 point price tag for the gun, but I haven't been overly impressed by the d-cannons yet.  I also haven't found any need yet to take the sword.  His four attacks at S10 have been enough in close combat and the d-cannons are solid guns even if they don't hit and the range is subpar.

Biel-tan:  My last few games have been Iyanden which has been solid, but I want to get more aspect warrior based games in.  In particular scorpions will be featured in upcoming lists.

Flyers:  I don't like them on paper but the amount of skyfire around here has been getting smaller so they have performed better than expected.  I still doubt them

Harlequins:  not sure what to do them in this edition but will give them a try.

Hornets:  I won a bet that I could lose some weight and will be getting a set of them.  I've always thought they looked cool but could never justify the price.

Dual Wraithknights:  I haven't been overly impressed with one but I'm thinking two should be pretty solid.

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