Sunday, September 15, 2013

2012 Pays Off in 2013

The photo above shows my 2012 painting accomplishments.  They aren't all winners (for example the falcons should be wave serpents) but I think they are the foundation of a solid alliance for 2013.  I haven't read the entire marine codex yet so this is clearly premature, however it is late at night, I updated the Tally and rather than read the codex or work on a army list for the Michigan GT, I figured I'd write this.  You can decide who will the ally and who will be primary.  Basics of the list.  Librarian and Farseer now that the farseer doesn't try to kill the librarian whenever he cast they offer a selection of powers to buff the rest of the army.  Troops: 2 Tactical squads, 2 jetbike squads.  Tactical provide solid objectives holders and jetbikes do their win the game thing anf provide high speed maneuverability.  Fast: Stormtalon for anti-air that elder have been missing Heavy: Wraithknight for toughness, thunderfire cannon for barrage. 

At this point you have about 1250 points committed.   I like the eldar as primary because you can add  a unit of shadow weavers for another barrage option.   If forgeworld is allowed a unit of hornets would provide some fire support, if not some spiders, or if elder are primary maybe both.  Other things I like, Legion of Damned and their 3++ save, if Space Marines are the primary additional storm talons/cannons/other marine heavies.  What do you think?

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  1. Space Marines are going to shake things up, for sure. Can't wait to see some of the "super-builds" people start running.