Friday, July 26, 2013

Eldar Cards - The joys of not taking notes

Right before leaving for Poland, I found this great site that used a Magic the Gathering card design program to make some warlord power cards.  I took this idea and made some of my own that can be printed out double sided.  This worked great and I started to make them for the psychic powers available to Eldar.  Than I went on vacation.  Fast forward to getting back I go to finish the cards and for the life of me I can't figure out what settings I used to extract the cards.  I still made it work but the process took a lot longer than needed.  Lesson learned, pay attention to what you are doing and take notes!

Anyways here are some of the card images and a link to pdfs for both sets of powers.  One note when printing out the backs may appear slightly off center, this seems to be a function of how the printers flip the paper/grab the paper.  I found it easier to let it be slightly off and adjust my cutting to make sure the backs are consistent.

Psychic Powers
Warlord Traits


  1. I like the looks of those cards better than the ones I found. Do you know where the originals come from? I'm probably just going to have to make my own in Photoshop anyway, but I love pre-generated stuff for ease of use,

  2. Thanks. I encourage everyone to design their own, it isn't hard and you end up with something unique. I used program called Magic Set Editor for the text section. It is a free download that is fairly easy to find. The images are all just stolen from google images.