Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post game Grey Knights

This post will be an example of why you shouldn't wait a week before posting a battle report. I did my initial analysis of his list here. In the end I went with 2 farseers with fortune, fired dragons in a falcon and a fire prism. The idea would be to fly the farseers with the dire avengers and keep fortune up on the two planes as much as possible. While the bomber killed the dreadknight. (How did this work?

Not according to plan. I got first turn and got the fortune machine rolling but that didn't deter him from shooting at them and a couple of failed 4+'s later they were pen'd. Fortunately his damage result rolls were very good so he got things like blow off a weapon, rather than early kills. The dreadknight made his first 4 5+ invulnerable saves and was basically unstoppable once my bomber couldn't fire at it any more.

The mission was a pitched battle with three objectives in each deployment zone but you could only claim the objectives in the opposing player's zone. This meant I had to knock out his transport early. This was accomplished fairly well. The fire prism took out the front razorback turn one. The Vyper moved up to block the path of the land raider and another razorback long enough to let the fire dragons blow it up and trapping half the terminators inside. He was nice enough to immobilize one of his razorbacks trying to around tank shocking the fire dragons and a wave serpent immobilized the last, none of them made it over the center line. Once out the five mane squads were in theory easy picking for the army. The fire prism did great but everything else was a failure. The dreadknight wrecke havoc not only making all its saves but 4 times it hit wave serpents with a S6 flamer needings 6's to galnce and every time he stunned it. Finally on the 5th attempt, he failed. I'm not going to get into much detail about the game because things basically did what they were supposed to. Had the game ended turn 5 I would have won 2 to 0. After failing 3 out 4 3+ saves, had the game ended turn 6 I would have drawn after failing 3 out of 4 3+ saves wiping a jetbike squad.On turn 7 I won 2-1. He had a lone guy that just booked it across the field watching dodging fire prism blasts and catapults.

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