Friday, February 10, 2012

(pre) Game 4 - Grey knights

Later today I've got my fourth league game scheduled. My opponent is playing a Grey Knight list detailed below. Although he was only required to put 1500 points in his fixed list he opted to put his entire list. As a result, I already know what he will be playing and can plan my 600 points accordingly. Below are some of my observations and plans going into the game. Stay tuned for a post game report.

Librarian – Warp rift, shrouding, sanctuary, and quicksilver – 20
Ven dread – Assault cannon and psy bolt
Ven dread -2 auto cannons and psy bolt
Termies - hammer, incinerator, halberd
3 5 man strike squads with Psycannon, Psybolt, Hammer - razorback w/ psy ammo and assault cannon
Dreadknight, Incinerator, Sword, Jump pack
Land raider with psybolt

List analysis: Lots of death for anything on foot with. Top three threats are 1)dual autocannon dread, 2)vindicare 3)land raider with termies. The dreadknight is dangerous but should go down to shooting fairly quickly. The land raider will be a challenge with only the nightwing in my fixed list to deal with it. This probably means taking a fire dragon squad. The vindicare and the venerable are the two toughest because I probably can't get close enough to them without sacrificing a unit and their range is long enough to cover a good portion of the board. hopefully the mission will encourage him to break up his force so I can isolate units. Once isolated I should be able to handle them fairly easily.

My list options:
Farseer(s) - at least 1 as shutting down his psychic power is key
Fire dragons in a falcon to deal with the land raider and maybe other armour
Autuarch on bike with fusion gun (close up and personal fusion gun, can assault the vindicare maybe and helps in reserve game)
Fire prism(s)
War Walkers (but probably get shot down too quickily (see dreadknight incinerator)
Inflitrating scorpions to deal with vindicare if setup poorly.

Well, those are my initial list options. If you had 600 points (roughly) to spend what would you take and why. Stay tuned for

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