Saturday, February 18, 2012

Corsairs vs. not blood angels!

I got my third game in with a pure Corsair list last night, the first vs. a non-blood angel opponent. It was a pick-up game vs. a new MSU student that I had never played before. He didn't have an 1850 list so we played 2000 points. I added a warp hunter to my core list (if you can call it that after 3 games) so my list consisted of:

Prince with power weapon
8 Warp Spiders
10 harlies with kisses and seer
5 corsairs with flamer in vyper
5 corsairs with flamer in falcon
10 corsairs with jetpacks, 2 missiles
3x 3 jetbikes with cannon
Warp hunter

He was playing space marines with a 10 man terminator squad that teleported around, a couple of tactical squads, a vindicator, some missile devs, a redemmer and a 10 man assault squad. The mission was kill points. He was "newish" to the game, he knew his rules but his experience to date most consisted of him and his friends.

The game details aren't that interesting, he got first turn so I used a unit of harliquins to pull most of his army to one side and than brought everything else from reserve in on the other side and killed anything that tried to turn back.

I did learn a few things though.
1) Corsairs (like eldar in general) benefit more than most other armies from tactics. The combination of fragility and shooting specialization mean that even minimal losses will severely hamper your ability. Now you may say but imp guard are just as fragile and also awful in hth. The difference is that if you take out a Vendetta or Russ, there are probably at least two more waiting for you. If you kill a squad there are probably 8-10 more groups of guardsman. Corsairs don't have that for hth or anti-heavy armor, they do have plenty of S6 options. Because they rely on their speed and shooting they need to either shorten the game by hiding or making the opponent waste movement (such as chasing some harliquins into a corner)
2) I miss fire dragons. Land raiders are hard to stop when the only thing you have that can pen them is a single nightwing (and if the nightwing stays in reserve for 4 turns ...) Of course if the land raider is polite enough to immobilize itself it is less of a concern.
3) Outflanking jetbikes are cool. In kill point games being able to come in behind the enemy lines is very powerful.

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