Thursday, January 30, 2014

Return of the Void Dragons

When the Eldar Imperial Armour book came out I took a bunch of old models that I had as leftover from previous trades and decided to make a corsair force.  It was however fun to paint as the scheme is fairly simple and looks great on the table.   Unfortunately the corsair rules are pretty horrible in terms of clarity so the army didn't see much sustained usage. However since the only real investment I had in the army was 1 razorwing/nightwing conversion this wasn't a huge loss.

I have been toying around with the idea of doing some dark eldar and after a trip to Flat Land Games and raiding their sprue pile I had a bunch of pieces for conversions.  A second place finish at a local event got me a couple of boxes and the project was up an running. The final straw was a hobby challenge hosted by the Independent Characters forum that I have entered.  (On a side note a number of Lansing area players are taking part and we are planning to do a multiplayer Zone Mortalis game in June at the end of stage one- if you are taking part let me know so we can include you)

Step 1: Figure out what I have and what I want to add.  The main problem here is I don't want to use the IA rules anymore as they are so poorly written and the IA list is based around 5 man guardian squads in Falcon transports.  I also don't really want a 2000 Dark Eldar army that the challenge is based on.  For now I will be using the 5 man squads as Dire Avengers.  Eventually I may paint up a few more guardians to make them actual guardians but that is down the road.  The dark eldar bits were more of a challenge because the hobby challenge is based on a 1000 Zone Mortalis list and a 2000 point regular list.  I attempted to get the units I wanted into the challenge format rather than making the challenge army competitive.

Step 2: Figure out what it is that I actually waiting to be painted.  I knew I had a bunch of guardians and a couple of Vypers sitting around.  The guardians were a bust because they were plastic cemented when put together and taking apart plastic cement models isn't worth it, besides I still want them for my main eldar army (although I may use a few).  Turns out that is about it.  I've got some war walkers and farseers but I don't want farseers in the list and the war walkers are already assigned to my main army.  From various sources I've got enough for probably half the warriors needed and one raider as part of the tournament prize.  One thing I didn't have was splinter cannons $10 on ebay however got me a bunch. 

Step 3: Paint.  So far so good.  Hobby challenge doesn't officially start until tomorrow but early work is allowed.  Below are some pictures of what I have completed so far.  Venom 1 and the squad still need their dull coat in these pictures.

Venom 1
Some warriors/trueborn

The Baron

Venom 2

Step 4: Play some games.  I plan to bring these guys out Friday to AFK, along with some harlequins and warp spiders I've got enough for a reasonably strong 1850 force.  We will see how they do.

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