Monday, December 20, 2010

Dan Eaton Fixed List

Dan Eaton
dbeaton at
248 930 6528
Preferred gaming location/address:1(RIW) 2(AFK) 3(Gamers Sanctuary)
Biel Tan Division

Primary Detachment (Space Wolves)

1 Rune Priest, bike, meltabomb, runic armour, jaws of the wolf, murderous hurricane, Saga of beast slayer (170 points)

2x5 Grey Hunters with flamer (75 each)

        2 x razorback with heavy bolters (40 each)

5 Swift claws and 1 HB attack bike, melta bombs on each (190 points)

6 Long fangs  3 Heavy bolters, 2 Plasma cannons (145 points)

    1 rhino (35 points)

Whirlwind (85 points)

Dreadnaught with Heavy Flamer (115 points)

    Drop pod (35 points)

Blood Angels Allies to primary Space Wolf force organization:

BA Librarian, jump pack (125 points)

10 Assault marines, w/jump packs, 2 flamers, veteran sergeant with hand flamer x2 ...225

Vindicator (145 points)

total 1500pts

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