Sunday, January 15, 2012

Opening of 40kFightClub League

Over the next couple months, I am organizing and playing in a local league.  The format is fairly simple, you have a fixed list of between 1500 and 2100 points, any points not spent in the fixed list can be adjusted between games.  Just about anything is legal, even superheavies (with limitations).  My fixed list is a bit off as I needed to make a last minute adjustment as the Nightwing and Phoenix got major point reductions right as the fixed lists were due.  Anyways, here is the list

  • 10 Dire avenger, exarch with double gun, bladestorm,defend
  • 10 Dire avenger, exarch with shimmershield, bladestorm, defend
  • Wave serpent, scatter laser, spirit stones
  • Wave serpent, scatter laser, spirit stones
  • 3 jetbikes
  • 3 jetbikes
  • 3 jetbikes, warlock, spear, embolden
  • 10 Warp Spiders with exarch, powerblades, 2 deathspinners 
  • Vyper with missile launcher
  • Nightwing Interceptor
  • Phoenix Bomber

As you can see, I've invested in a very mobile fixed list with some obvious gaps (no hq, limited anti-armour).  I'm a big fan of three man jetbikes as objective holders and plan to do a more detailed article on them at some point.  This list is also the first list, I've ever made that actually include either the nightwing and phoenix.  So far I've been very impressed wth both.

The interesting thing about this league is that of the 12 people that signed up for it, FIVE! are playing orks.  The league is broken down into two six-player divisions, so my games will consist of three vs. orks (2 kan walls, 1 with 3 battlewagons), one vs. grey knights and one vs. space wolves.

The league also uses missions developed by the 40kfightclub.  The missions each have a primary, secondary and tertiary objective and some sort of special rule.  The mission book was designed to be consistent with the rulebook missions (so 1/3 are pitched battle, 1/3 are dawn of war, annihilation, sieze ground and capture and control objectives are equally weighted).  If you are interested in the missions they can be found here (only the "normal" missions are used).

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  1. Yeah, who'd of thunk it...have not seen that many Ork players in one place in years!

    Well, you will have Ork tactics down after this one.