Monday, January 30, 2012

Fixed List Analysis- Nightwing

When I decided to play eldar for the league, one of the reasons was so I could play with my new nightwing conversion (shown to left minus canopy). At the time the unit suffered from a ridiculous point cost but with the release of IA11 it dropped down by almost 50%. It lost some key features as detailed here but became a justifiable expenditure in the process.

For 145 points, you get two brightlances and 2 shuriken cannons. You can get a comparable falcon (2 shuriken cannons, star engines) for 140 points but
the pulse laser doesn't get the lance rule, it can only move 6 and shoot everything (instead of 12"), and it can't shoot if it moves enough to get a save. Of course, you do get armor 12 and a transport capacity of 6 and the potential to take a holofield upgrade. In terms of value for the points, I would give the edge to the falcon, but the nightwing still looks cooler and it also doesn't take up a heavy support choice which is huge for an eldar army.

On the battlefield this thing's role is fairly obvious, find the enemy vehicles and remove them from the game for the first few turns, after that it can hunt down some the last guy or two from a unit but with armor 10, it has to be fairly confident of taking them out, otherwise even return fire from a lonely bolter has a good chance of taking it down or at least stunning it, which is typically the same thing.


  1. I really wish the night wing had missiles like the razorwing. I have never had an issue thoughwith my dark eldar using the fighters. Spirit stones are nice but if you stick with hit and run tactics and use the terrain your opponent kind of ignores it as long as you have another more immediate threat lurking close.

  2. I haven't done much comparison to dark eldar versions. The nightwing clearly matches up to the razorwing with cannon upgrade and flickerfield. The razorwing gets a 5++ save regardless of movement compared to the 4++ but only if moved, not sure which I would rather have. The razorwing is 20 points more than the nightwing with this configuation but you do get the four one shot missiles. On paper, I'd value the missiles at 25-30 points so I think it seems in the ball park. The dark eldar pay a little more to get a little more versatility.