Thursday, March 27, 2014

One week out

Adepticon is a week from today and I think I am ready.  Everything is in "good enough" mode.  I will probably still do some touch-up over the next week, but if it was today I would be ready.  I'm actually quite impressed with how little space three armies are going to be taking up.  The SHIELD bag that I got at Adepticon two years ago is serving as the primary workhorse transporting all the infantry, bikes, a pair of wave serpents, the storm talon and all the artillery.  The hornets fit nicely in a old laptop case leaving just the two wraithknights who each get a custom box of their own because they are just annoyingly big to transport. 

I know this is a mistake but I am already starting to think about what to do after Adepticon is over.  Hobby wise I am pretty set, I want to get back to my Void Dragons.  But playwise I want to get away from my current comfort zone.  The Void Dragons are different and a clear power level below "normal" eldar not having farseers, jetbikes or wraiths but that just makes them more reliant on things like wave serpents and warp spiders.  I really want to step outside the box I have been playing for the last couple months.  Maybe a biel-tan style list as I have always liked aspect warriors or maybe ever further and I'll bring back the space marines as a force onto themselves.  Either way it will be time to step back from the competitive training mode and just get some good old fashioned fun games in.  At least for a couple months until it is time to start thinking about the Michigan GT again.

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