Monday, June 17, 2013

Lesson learned

After the Battle for the Transgressions of Trust which was my first experience playing Zone Mortalis, I got a game in vs. a flying circus of deamon princes.  I've played this army 3 or 4 times now and got one win and the rest bad losses.  This was my first game with new eldar vs. the deamons and the tally has been updated. My list looked something like this.
Farseer on bike
Autarch with mantle, shard, jetbike, fusion
9 jetbikes with 3 cannons, warlock
10 dire avenger, exarch, shimmer
5 Wraithblades
Wave serpent
10 storm guardians with 2 fusion, 1 p.w., warlock
Wave serpent
6 rangers
6 shining spears, star lance, hit and run
Vyper, scatter, cannon
2 Fire Prisms
Falcon with scatter, cannon

But the list doesn't really matter, the lesson learned is that runes of warding has made me too nonchalant about opposing psychic powers.  The deamons got turn 1 flew up and obliterated the farseer, jetbikes, shining spears and autarch in one round.  In part it was bad luck, he made all his test, I didn't make a single 5+ deny the witch save, the jetbikes had the three cannons alive still but they fled, the autarch had a single left but failed a rerollable 2+ cover save, my saves were slightly below average.  But mostly it left me missing runes of warding even more.  I'm willing to admit the old runes were probably too good, but taking away all the defense from a race where everyone is psychic seems a bot of an overreach.  I've been taking my time reading the codex and it seems like there are a number of differences between what the fluff says and what the rules say that seem to indicate some last minute changes.  For example the Crimson Hunters fluff talks about them being able to dodge lascannons and hard to hit, but their rules don't include this (and they need something).  My guess is they had some sort of improved dodge but ti was taken out at the last minute.  Anyways lesson learned, time to play the next game.

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