Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joe Harter's Fixed List

Joe Harter
rjharter at
Saim Hann Division

Chaos Space Marines

Kharn the Betrayer (160pts)

5 Chaos Terminators with Mark of Khorne  (272pts) , Icon of Wrath, Veteran of the long war
        3 Terminators with a pair of Lightning Claws
        1 Terminator with Chainfist and Heavy Flamer
        1 Terminator Champion with a pair of lighting claws

Helbrute with Plasma Cannon (110 points)

10 Chaos Cultist (68 pts) Cultist Champion, 9x Autogun, Heavy Stubber

8 Khorne Berzerkers(troops) (195 pts) , Veteran of the long war, Champion w/ Power Weapon
     Chaos Rhino (35pts)

Heldrake (170pts) Baleflamer

10 Raptors (270pts) Icon of Wrath, Mark of Khorne, 2x Meltagun, Champion with 2x Lightning Claw and
         Melta Bombs

Chaos Land Raider (230pts)

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