Thursday, October 4, 2012


As I finish up my Mantis Warriors, it is time to get back to painting my eldar.  I'm thinking about taking them down a slightly different path however.  I've been toying around with corsairs lately so why not, let's paint up a small corsair ally force.  I've got three old falcons that I picked up in a trade a few years ago and a bunch of guardians waiting to be painted (or sold).  So I figured I'd use them as a test case.  I wanted something that would truely stand out and after looking at IA11 my choice was clear Void Dragons.  The other two schemes were either too similar (light blue) or just offensive when combined with my already blue eldar (golden yellow).  Void dragons have a nice black scheme with some red, sometimes scaly areas.  So I broke out the paint and as I waited for ink to dry on the Mantis Warrior rhino painted up a guardian and a falcon.  Clearly they aren't finished, they need icongraphy and I need to figure out how to paint scales onto the red but I really like the basic look. 

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