Friday, June 22, 2012

Drop pod

Apparently cutting two tendons and a nerve in your hand makes painting a little harder (typing too).  Who knew?  That being said I've been able to make some progress on my mantis warriors.  The drop pod shows my current limitations fairly well.  I'm able to paint the rough details but adding stylized elements such as army/unit markings is nearly impossible when you can't hold the model.  At some point I'll go back and add that but for now this is about as far as I can take it.  I'm fairly happy with the results.  I didn't have access to wife's camera last night so no WIP pictures but my first tactical squad is nearing "completion" as well.  Here is a link to the closed drop pod.


  1. Looks impressive well done. I really like the weathering/rust effect you have got on it. How did you do it?

  2. 1) Spray paint red.
    2) Dry brush liberally with tin (not done for this one)
    3) Sponge on mustard (the food) and let dry
    4) Spray paint green, let dry overnight
    5) Scrub off mustard with water and dish pad. Exposing some of the underlying red
    6) Edge the red with a tan to make it pop
    7) Wash with dark green wash

    For the yellow
    1) Basecoat with Iyanden yellow (twice if needed)
    2) Sponge dark brown
    3) highlight with boltgun metal
    4) Wash with Sepia