Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Defenders of the Fortress Aftermath

Last weekend was the Defenders of the Fortress Tournament and the wrap-up of the 40kfightclub league.

Dan Howard (Kainer on the fightclub) won the league championship by defeating my eldar and Eric Gibb's (Carnagespirit) Blood Angels. Dan also got the most battle points after a very minor victory over Bill Kim's Deamons. Although both armies were fully painted and got full painting scores, the deamons received just enough player choice best painted votes (2) to create a overall tie for first place with 65 points apiece. Congratulation to both players.

In total we had 16 people play in the event, although I dropped out to run the event after Dan defeated me in the sub-bracket and the ringer dropped out as well to keep it even. We had a decent mix of armies, 3 space wolves (2 all foot), 2 grey knights, 1 dark eldar, 1 imp guard, 1 deamon, 1 necron, 1 blood angel, 5 orks, 1 eldar). Where do these orks all come from?

For more pictures of the event click here

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  1. Great blog. Great looking photo here as well.