Monday, January 23, 2012

Game 2 vs. OrksesNevaLooz

Unfortunately I was unable to secure a camera for this game so I don't have much in the way of pictures.   Here is his fixed list:

Big Mek with Kustom force field
Warboss Cybork with claw,bosspole
10 cybork Nobz with a bunch of upgrades in a Battlewagon with deffRolla,  Big Shoota  
19 Shoota Boyz Nob with claw,bosspole
20 Slugga Boyz Nobwith claw,bosspole 
30 Shoota Boyz Nob with claw,bosspole 
Deffkopta with rokkits
Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Big Shoota  
Batttlewagon with Deffrolla, Big Shoota

Pre-game analysis and unit selection:
Of the three ork lists, this was the list that scared me the most, primarily because it had three battlewagons and I don't have much in terms of anti-heavy-armor.  The nightwing with its two brightlances would be good but that is about all I have to deal with AV14.  The warlock with a spear wouldn't be effective as all the battlewagons had deffrolla on them to crush him after he threw it, and since they would be moving hitting them in hth would be unlikely. The deffrollas also make the hit with a nightspinner and pray for an immobilize tactic unlikely as it allows them to reroll difficult terrain.  The big units aren't a big deal as I can cut them down with shooting fairly quickly.  The first question I had to answer was, should I take a unit of fire dragons in a falcon.  If so, this would consist of about 1/2 of my variable points.  This could have worked and probably my best selection would have been to take two units of fire dragons and put each in serpents, rush them forward and blowup the battlewagons or at least use the falcons to mobile terrain.  But that sounded boring, so I took a very similar list to game 1, adding a nightspinner, 3 war walkers, and a unit of scorpions for many of the same reasons.

OrksesNevaLooz ended up taking a giant unit of jumppacks with the special character that lets them assault after deepstriking and a looted vehicle with a S8 AP3 large blast.  The special character would be particularly useful once the mission was rolled.

The mission:
When we rolled for the mission we got a mission that was based on the old RTT Battle in the Eye of Terror mission.  Effectively each turn you can pick up one non-vehicle unit on the board and redeploy it via deepstrike it.  The primary objective was 5 objective markers -the jetbikes get to do something this game!, The secondary was he needed to kill my farseer and I needed to kill his Waaagh banner bearer (although I think in hindsight I actually needed to kill his special character) and the tertiary was kill points.  Deployment was Dawn of War.

Turn 1:
The terrain was fairly heavy with a large mountain in the middle of the board.  Effectively creating two lanes for each side to advance up. I won the roll to go first and deployed a wave serpent with dire avengers and the farseer up front to prevent him from deploying a battlewagon at the midway point on the clear of his two lanes.  He tried to sieze but failed  My wave serpent retreated and everything else came on weighted towards the side with three objectives.  I held the scorpions and jetbikes in reserve.  He likewise moved on heavily on that side trying to sneak his copter and warbikes up the left flank.  Neither side did any shooting of note.

Turn 2:
I spend most of the turn vacating the middle of the board, except for a unit of war walkers that climb a hill.  My scorpions came on and got on the left flank and assaulted the warbikes killing them.  His copter was killed by a wave serpent and the phoenix bomber.  The nightwing failed to do anything to a battlewagon and the nightspinner hit his 30 boy unit killing a few.  When he moved the remaining ones, they got a six for terrain and only 2 died from dangerous terrain.  His stormboyz didn't come in.  His looted vehicle shot the bomber stunning it as his battlewagons advanced forward.

Turn 3:
A couple units of jetbikes came in and hid on each flank.  The unit with a warlock pretended to get into position to assault the battlewagons if they advanced.  A luck side shot on one of the battlewagons immobilized it, allowing the scorpions to punch it until it blew up killing a couple of them, unfortunately it was far enough advanced that the boyz that piled out of it were able to assault the stunned bomber, blowing it up as well.  The thirty boy unit was reduced to just a nob and 1 boy but they passed morale and would cower around objectives for the rest of the game.  The nightwing stunned the lead battlewagon and the vyper managed to blow off the weapon on the looted vehicle.  The stormboyz came in and scattered on top of the mountain killing a couple and putting them out of assault range.  Some slugga boyz on a wagon shot the scorpions who failed their morale test. 

Turn 4:
The last jetbike unit came in and shot the doomed boyz that had gotten out of their wagon (when it blew up) along with the dire avengers on that flank, the broken scorpions, and the jetbikes with a warlock.  Not surprisingly they weren't there at the end of the turn. Also not suprising, when the nobz and boss rolled out of the battlewagon and assaulted the war walkers, the war walkers weren't there anymore.  I also remember about the ability to deepstrike a unit, so I pull the warp spiders and deep strike them behind his back wagon, blowing it up before getting killed by the 20 boyz jumping out of it.  His stormboyz jumped off the mountain with no terrain issues to pursue the dire avengers racing down the far flank.  They make it there by about an inch and wreck the vehicle, however they are now in the open and 10 angry dire avengers are right there.

Turn 5:
The dire avenger hop back into the safety of the wave serpent which proceeds to move to shoot some stormboyz, killing most and than assaulting them killing most of the rest but the special character is still alive.  Jetbikes claim the far objective that is safely mine and the vyper turbos to contest the objective held by the nob and boy only to die when they assault it.  The nightwing manages to immobilize the last battle wagon, walling off one of the objective from his forces as a unit of jetbikes goes to cover that one as well.  I try and fail to kill the 1 nob, 1 boy unit.  His warboss unit moves up to try and grab one of the objectives (but I don't think make it) and the boyz consolidate around another.  If the game ended I believe it would have been a draw on the primary and secondary, and I had an easy lead on kill points.

Turn 6:
The dire avengers in the wave serpent get out and blast up the boyz celebrating from killing the warp spiders along with the rest of the army until they are dead.  The other dire avengers cut down the remaining stormboyz until only the character is left with 1 wound.  The nightspinner moves up to contest the objective his nobz will hold.  They could probably kill it, but if they assaulted it would pull them away from two other objectives (the one with the warlock bike squad and one contested by a wave serpent).  The jetbikes shoot down the 2 man squad as it was in the open after killing the vyper.  Things are looking pretty good, until he remember the mission special rule and pulls the character from combat,deep strikes it next to my jetbikes and kills them.  His big mech moves out to contest the other objective my bikes are holding.  At the end of the turn no one holds any objectives but fortunately for me the game continues.

Turn 7:
He is left with a big mech, a nob unit with warboss, and one wound left of the stormboy.  I get the dire avengers back into the wave serpent and move it to an objective, the last unit of jetbikes leave one objective to string out to claim two objectives in his back field.  The dire avengers that were in combat look around, and spot the last ork, killing him.  He makes a last ditch effort to blow up the wave serpent with his warboss while the nobz claim a par of objective but that fails.  In the end, the jetbikes were able to hold two objectives and the other three were contested.

Post game Analysis:
This was another tough game vs. orks.  OrksesNevaLooz made so great decisions, especially remembering you can pull out of combat, if that had won him the game he would have deserved it, I just got lucky that I got a turn to respond.  This was a very different game than the first game which was expected since his list was so different.   The nightwing was must less effective this game, even though it survived the entire game.  The Phoenix on the other-hand showed just how deadly the lowly stun result is since it can't have spirit stones.  I probably should have pulled the drop a Vyper right in front of the lead battlewagon manuever and dodge his deffrolla but decided not to.  It cost me the warwalkers a turn earlier than I would have liked but I feel this is a dumb manuever and try to avoid it when possible.

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