Monday, September 30, 2013

Michigan GT Army Comp

So the Michigan GT is behind us.  Had a great time but wouldn't have minded not playing Tau and/or Eldar all six games.  Eldar and Tau were clearly the most popular primary armies with 38 percent of the armies having one or both.  13 of the 55 players had Tau as their primary, Eldar were second with 8 and deamons in third with 6.

Primary armies

Tau Empire 13
Eldar 8
Chaos Daemons 6
Necrons 5
Dark Angels 5
Chaos Space Marines 5
Orks 3
Tyranids 2
Space Wolves 2
Imperial Guard 2
Grey Knights 2
Dark Eldar 1

Allies saw little more variety.  Tau technically lead with 7 allies but 6 of those were Farsight Tau and Regular Tau comboing.  Surprisingly Chaos Marines were the number two ally (but no Chaos/Chaos allies). 

Tau Empire 7
Chaos Space Marines 5
Imperial Guard 4
Eldar 3
Chaos Daemons 2
Space Marines 1
Dark Eldar 1
Grey Knights 1
Orks 1
Space Wolves 1

Overall, here is the breakdown of all the armies. 

Eldar 6
Tau Empire\Tau Empire 6
Chaos Daemons 4
Dark Angels 4
Chaos Space Marines 3
Necrons\Chaos Space Marines 3
Tau Empire\Eldar 3
Chaos Daemons\Chaos Space Marines 2
Chaos Space Marines\Chaos Daemons 2
Grey Knights 2
Orks 2
Tau Empire 2
Tyranids 2
Dark Angels\Imperial Guard 1
Dark Eldar 1
Eldar\Dark Eldar 1
Eldar\Tau Empire 1
Imperial Guard 1
Imperial Guard\Space Wolves 1
Necrons 1
Necrons\Orks 1
Orks\Imperial Guard 1
Space Wolves 1
Space Wolves\Imperial Guard 1
Tau Empire\Grey Knights 1
Tau Empire\Imperial Guard 1
Tau Empire\Space Marines 1

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 1 Done

Day one of the Michigan GT is done.  I am 3-1 and sitting in 10th place out of 54, so basically out of it with 10 games to go.  I have gotten exactly 50% of the points availble in the total tournament so 1 point today and I am in top half.  Played four good games so far, tried some new things, got a little lucky at times (and massively unlucky in my one loss).  I still haven't remembered to use Spiritlock, ever.  Wraithaxes are actually doing pretty amazing things to unsuspecting riptides.  Here is my list (roughly).  Suncannon is decidedly so so, forcing riptides to take a 3++ instead of overcharging guns but not much otherwise.

Farseer on bike
Spiritseer with stone of voice for twilight for 1 warp charge
5 wraithblades with axes
2 units of 5 wraithguard with cannons
3 wave serpents with lasers for each of the wraith units
2 units of 3 jetbikes with a cannon each
8 warp spiders
fire prism with holofield
3 shadow weavers
Wraithknight with suncannon

Monday, September 23, 2013

Warzone Tournament

The Michigan GT is just around the corner but I am excited to announce that I will finally be holding a Warzone Tournament which I have wanted to do for probably 10 years.  They held one last year at Adepticon and solved a couple of the problems that I hadn't figured out how to get around.  A warzone tournament is different from your normal 40k because the tables are going to have a major influence on the game.  Terrain will be specific to the world you are fighting on.  Some may be very open, some with almost no line of sight.  I will be posting more on each world over the next month or so, but here is the generic tournament announcement.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guessing Game- answers

Last night I got really mad at the number 75, which quickly became 300 which quickly became 1500 which quickly became 4500 which quickly cost GW about $100 of sales.  My challenge to you the reader is what was the number 75 about?  Wild guesses are encouraged.

No guesses, but the answer is that 1 wraithguard has 75 spirit stones on it!  To be fair I only counted 1 guy so some might only have 70 or so.  Regardless at 4 coats of per gem that is 300 brish strokes per guy and 1500 for a squad of 5.  I love the models but I have a hard time imagining painting 4500 gems.  Eventually I will but for now I am content to use my old ones.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

2012 Pays Off in 2013

The photo above shows my 2012 painting accomplishments.  They aren't all winners (for example the falcons should be wave serpents) but I think they are the foundation of a solid alliance for 2013.  I haven't read the entire marine codex yet so this is clearly premature, however it is late at night, I updated the Tally and rather than read the codex or work on a army list for the Michigan GT, I figured I'd write this.  You can decide who will the ally and who will be primary.  Basics of the list.  Librarian and Farseer now that the farseer doesn't try to kill the librarian whenever he cast they offer a selection of powers to buff the rest of the army.  Troops: 2 Tactical squads, 2 jetbike squads.  Tactical provide solid objectives holders and jetbikes do their win the game thing anf provide high speed maneuverability.  Fast: Stormtalon for anti-air that elder have been missing Heavy: Wraithknight for toughness, thunderfire cannon for barrage. 

At this point you have about 1250 points committed.   I like the eldar as primary because you can add  a unit of shadow weavers for another barrage option.   If forgeworld is allowed a unit of hornets would provide some fire support, if not some spiders, or if elder are primary maybe both.  Other things I like, Legion of Damned and their 3++ save, if Space Marines are the primary additional storm talons/cannons/other marine heavies.  What do you think?