Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a Trap!

For many years I've been a proponent of 3 man eldar jetbikes with no upgrades.  Upgrading the cannon really was a trap, I would want to shoot it.  If I shot it it meant I wasn't turboboosting, which was usually a mistake.  So eventually I just stopped taking the upgrade.  In 6th this changed slightly as the bonus for turboboosting was only  +1 to your save rather than a 3+.  This makes the bikes purpose very clear, win games by claiming objectives.  One of my big fears for this codex was that bikes would be taken out of the troop slot, fortunately this didn't happen.  In fact they got even better in the role because they are now only 51 points, instead of 66 points. 

The trap is now that they are cheaper you can get the cannon and the unit is still cheaper than it was before.  See above why this is trap, however the basic catapults have also gotten better gaining pseudo-rending.  Did they change enough to change the calculas on the trap, I'm not sure.  I will definately be trying out a variety of jetbikes units.  I suspect I will still be returning to small three man squads but that is the glory of a new codex, you don't know what you have until you do it.