Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Eldar? What does that mean?

So it looks like a new Eldar codex is coming out in about a month!  With that here are complete unbased guess about what to except.  Most of this is based on the general pattern of something good in the old codex will be bad in the new one and something bad in the old codex will be good in the new one.  This is difficult given the age of the codex and the changes in the meta/editions that have caused most of the units to become good at some point in the codex.  Mech armies, foot armies, wraith armies have all generated sales in the past.  

So what units have never been popular:

  • All HQ’s that don’t have runes of warding.  If farseers become second tier (either do to points or changes to doom, fortune, guide), this will have a huge impact on the rest of the army.
  • Scorpions and Banshees for elites
  • Guardians
  • All the Fast Attack in the codex
  • Support weapons (despite actually being quite good right now)
  • Nightspinner
  • Dark Reapers

And what units have always been popular:

  • Farseers
  • Fire Dragons
  • War Walkers

So what could an eldar army look like in the new codex.  Here is an 1850 with the never popular units being decreased in cost by 15% and the popular ones increasing by 15% (which is clearly easier than making up new powers or guessing what rumors are true or not.)

Jan Zair
10 Scorpions
10 Banshees
3 jetbikes
3 jetbikes
15 guardians with scatter laser
15 guardians with scatter laser
14 guardians with scatter laser
13 guardians with scatter laser
8 Warp Spiders
4 Shining Spears
3 Shadow Weavers
3 Dark Reapers

Seems interesting, a lot more bodies, fearless from the avatar, some mobility, good mix of close combat and shooting.  I added a nightwing as I assume some sort of flyer will be available.  I’m still not sure that shining spears or dark reapers are worth the cost at 30 points a piece but whatever.